Benjamin has been tutoring my son for year 11 and 12 this year in specialist maths, maths methods, physics, time management, exam planning and study habits with a holistic approach and personalising his approach to suit my son’s learning style. We are really lucky to have found Benjamin who keeps our son focused, motivated and enjoying his vce subjects.

Kimberly Wareham - Sandringham

Benjamin has been working with our son for over 2 years now and has successfully supported, guided and helped Austin to excel in his studies, and as a young man.

Austin has gone from strength to strength since working with Benjamin. Benjamin has tutored him in maths and physics and has taken Austin from not passing, to now gaining consistent high grades and with a solid understanding of the foundations of maths and physics.

Benjamin is kind, caring, considerate and compassionate. His attention to detail is second to none, and his approach to education is outstanding. He is extremely thorough and detailed in his teaching style and the results speak for themselves.

Benjamin has also become a strong positive role model for Austin and is like a life coach for him, guiding him not only with his studies, but also with important life decisions.

Benjamin is a valued part of our family now and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Working with Benjamin has helped Austin’s confidence on his learning journey, and also as a young man building confidence and strong values.

Farah Mak - Brighton

Benjamin has helped me enhance my maths/physics skills greatly, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their academic ability.

Toby (Year 11 and 12) - Sandringham

I have used Benjamin as a tutor for my bookkeeping course, Benjamin is organized pushes you to stick to schedule and pursue your goals in a nice way. I found Benjamin very helpful, he used p cloud to see my work and would sometimes provide feedback. Also he has a lot of experience with computers and has a passion for teaching although he is not limited to computers he has alot of general knowledge and loves to learn and teach more. You get the feeling he cares a lot about his clients progress and cares about you.