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How should you study Maths ?

Don’t write down what the teacher writes on the board.

Maths cannot be rote learned like other subjects.

You need to understand the topic, know the formulas are being used and how and when to apply them.

Know, why they are using those formulas.

Maths is perhaps 20 percent theoretical and the rest is all mechanical, hard work. It involves thinking creatively, using your imagination and strategising methods to solve problems.

For the best results in maths try your hardest to understand what is going on in the classroom. If your a bit lost as it’s a new topic don’t worry, when you get home after school sit down with the book and review.

To help more you can: 

  • Watch videos on the topic
  • Research it from other books.
  • Do the practice example problems
  • Ask questions from your teachers and smart classmates

Mathematics is about thinking logically, and applying techniques to solving real problems.


Conceptual understanding

Do the homework and practice all the questions until you have grasped the concept.

For example if you are studying factorisation, once you have a solid understanding of the process, don’t keep practicing the same questions, work on applying it to real problems, like solving quadratics or graphing functions.


Otherwise you are wasting your time and it’s not productive.


Do practice papers

It is critical to practice exam style questions and not text book questions. This is because there are common questions that get asked in exams and it’s important to know how to solve them. Also it teaches you speed and accuracy.



Sometimes there are questions you don’t know how to do before a test or big exam. Make sure you attempt or reattempt these questions that challenge you before you attempt them first in an exam. This way you are prepared.


Make a list

When you are studying it’s important to know where you are going wrong, you can only learn when you know where and why your slipping up.


For example, if your not entering the correct numbers into the calculator, then during the actual test you need to consciously focus on that part when your attempting the test.

A great technique I used to use is gather up all your careless errors in previous practice exams or even previous exams you did.

There are only two ways you can lose marks,

  1. By making careless errors.
  2. Or, you simply don’t know how to solve it.

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