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During my years of study I have discovered the absolute necessity of certain foods by studying in-depth nutritional therapy. I have drawn conclusions about key foods and minerals that help boost brain power, energy and mood. All which greatly contribute to a more relaxed time during exams, and intense study.

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People don’t realise but foods have the power to change your life in a dramatic way. All living things require living enzymes to break down and metabolise nutrition and turn in into energy.

In this discussion I aim to provide some foods that have greatly helped me in maximising

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is one of the most important foods when it comes to maximising your mental power. This is because fish oil has gram for gram the highest available source of fatty acids, In particular, omega 3. Omega 3, has been proven clinically through indepth experimentation to assist in various cardiovascular functions, providing more oxygen to the brain.

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Fruits !

Fruits are living enzymes, they are the only food group to have this property, all other foods are dead. Meaning they have no life in them. If you were to zoom in to a fruit you would see moving cells. This is why fruits are so important to have in the diet when studying as they provide life to the cells.



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